Want to profit from cryptocurrency, but don't want to deal with related risks and problems? If the answer is yes - staking can interest you. Staking is an act of buying coins and sending them to a special account, where they will be kept safe and grow, like a common bank saving account. But, if a savings account will give several percent annually, staking can give you more than 100%. But, you have to remember: the greater the reward the greater the risk. Buddybucks only offers a path to success, to walk it or not is up to you. Only invest money you can afford to lose. Below we will review three projects in detail.

  • Staking

    Pancake swap

    Decentralized exchange, created by Binance team, is the largest centralized crypto exchange in the world. It has its own token — CAKE, which you can stake on the project’s site. It will bring you more than 100% profit a year. The easiest way to buy CAKE — is to visit Binance, where you can buy tokens for dollars, euros, and many other fiat and cryptocurrencies. Step-by-step manual Proceed to Binance. If you are not registered, click here to sign up. If you have cryptocurrency, transfer it to Binance, if not, you can buy any currency with a credit card, but first, you’ll have to verify your account. Buy CAKE. To…

  • Staking

    Axie infinity

    Axie Infinity has gathered public attention with its staggering story of success. Here is a short manual on AXS staking. Axie infinity provides a World inspired by Pokemon where players can gain tokens by investing in the ecosystem and playing the game. Users can grow virtual pets and build kingdoms for them. The key difference between traditional games and Axie is that they reward players for participation. It’s a relatively new model of gaming, called «play to earn». AXS, or Axie Infinity Shards, is a governance token of Axie Universe which gives holders rewards through staking, game, and participation in voting. In this tutorial, we will examine one of the…