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1 Getting wallets

Before making money, you first need somewhere to store them. Banners below lead to the most comfortable and trusted wallets on the Internet. They are all free to use, so the more you’ll have the better.

2 Fast income without starting capital

Ordinary user spends most of their time surfing the Internet. So why not a buck while you’re at it? Extensions below show you ads while you are scrolling through the pages. Just install at least one and make the most out of your time! - пассивный доход

3 Income with small starting capital

Making more money and advertising apps from previous section.

4 Crypto surfing

Cryptocurrency offers a chance to get rich fast, but of course, you need to own some first. If you have no spare cash to buy it, then crypto surfing can help you with that. Just like with PTC you won’t have to do much work. Just sign up on the sites below and start earning the currency of the future.

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5 Gathering referrals for free

Most business services, like PTC, and Crypto surfings, have referral programs that allow you to boost your income by inviting new users. The sites below will help you with that.

6 Exchanging money you’ve made

Because most currencies are not universally accepted, you’ll need to swap them for other currencies once in a while. Web sites below will help you with that.

7 Staking

The final, most important step — investing the money you’ve made to multiply it and create a truly passive income. Newest and most profitable way to invest is buying cryptocurrency and earning profits from it using staking, learn more here.