How to stake CAKE tokens on Pancakeswap

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1. Install Trust Wallet

To start, first you’re going to need a wallet. Trust wallet is one of the best crypto wallets overall and the best wallet to use with Pancakeswap. To install it as an extension for your browser — proceed here. Press add to (Insert your browser name here).

2. Create a new wallet

A window will be automatically opened and you will be asked to create a new wallet or import an old one. If you have no wallet to import press «Create a new wallet». Follow the instructions and don’t forget to save your seed phrase.

3. Authorize on Pancakeswap

Once you’re finished with the wallet, proceed to pancakeswap through this link. Press «Connect wallet» in the top right corner of the screen enter your wallet password and then when given prompt press «Connect».

4. Enter «Syrup Pools»

Click «‘Earn»» in the top menu and then Pools in the drop down menu. You will be redirected to the Syrup pools page.

5. Add CAKE to the pool

Press «Details» on the top menu item with Stake CAKE (Locked) written on it. Then add Cake.

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